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DESTIEL AU WHERE Castiel has a nightmare and asks Dean if they can adopt and they do adopt.

Dean woke up to a screaming Castiel. It was about 12 midnight at that time, Castiel’s eyes were red with tears.
"Cas, baby, what’s wrong?" he asked as he kneeled on one knee in front of him, stroking his sides for Castiel’s warmth and comfort.
"N-nightmare." His voice shook.
"Okay baby, close your eyes," Dean whispered softly and Castiel obliged. "Good. Now take deep breaths baby. Deep, slow breaths. Good. Okay. Baby, listen to me."
Castiel opened his eyes slowly, staring into Dean’s Sean Green lens. “I’m scared, Dean.”
"Don’t be. It’s gonna be all right. Okay?"
"I don’t want to lose you." Cas held Dean’s hands in his.
"You’re not going to lose me," he kissed Castiel’s forehead. "Ever."
Castiel nods in response. 
"Is there anything that can make you feel better. Cas? Baby?"
"Dean…" Castiel fumbled his thumbs.
"Yes Cas?"
"I think we should adopt." It came out more like a question than it did a statement.
Dean let out a small laugh, and after that, he just smirked. “About time, Baby.” He sat beside Castiel and wrappd an arm around him.
"The kid’s so cute, look at him." Dean smiled at the boy who’s age is ranging around Nine to Twelve.
"What’s his name, Sister?" Castiel asked Sister Magda; the nun beside him.
"Isn’t he a darling? He’s Kyller. His parents left him here when he was only three years. He’s only Ten."
"Is he," Dean glanced at Castiel and Castiel nodded in response. "Is the kid available for adoption?"
Sister Magda nodded.
"Hey there, little buddy." Dean smiled at Kyller as they were sat on one of the lounge’s couch.
"Are you my daddy now?" The boy’s high pitched voice asked.
"No no. Castiel’s your daddy. I’m your papa."
"Okay. Where’s Daddy, papa?"
"Daddy’s cooking us dinner."
"Hey, dinner’s ready." Castiel appeared from the door behind him.
"Hello Daddy." Little Kyller waved and smiled.
"Hey Kiddo. Want some mash with gravy?"
"Oooh! They’re my favorites." Kllyer smile got wider, his Grey eyes turning clearer.
The lot of them scurried into the kitchen and sat on the chairs.
"Let us put our hands together in prayer," Castiel said, they all get into a prayer position. "Would you like to lead us, Little Kyller?"
The boy nodded. “Dear Lord, thank you for this lovely meal that daddy has prepared for me and papa. And thank you for giving me a daddy and a papa. I like being in a family. Please bless the food we are about to eat. Amen.”
"Amen." They said all together.
"Welcome to the family, Kyller Winchester-Novak." Dean smiled at he ruffled the boy’s hair and they start to eat dinner.

So. I’m writing a destiel AU. This is the first ish chapter


As I stepped inside the school, I lit my cigarette on and walked through the hallways. The few teachers roaming around didn’t give a single glance nor did they say some shitty long lecture on how students in this school aren’t allowed to smoke, blah blah blah, at me. Of course they wont, they don’t want to dare risk their lives. But today, I noticed something different as I walked past my history teacher’s room, it wasn’t her name that was hung on the silver plaque on the door. Mrs. Amber Fitzpatrick was gone. Her name was replaced by some guy named “Mr. Castiel Novak”. This is absurd. Mrs. Fitzpatrick was the only mother I ever had. I can’t imagine how broken I would be without her. I need to know what on fuckery is going on.

I stepped closer to the glass, i tried to peek through it but it was too blurred for me to see anything or anybody that’s inside. All I could see is a solid grey colour. I gripped onto the cold, silver doorknob and slowly opened the door. I stepped inside and a man in about his late twenties was sitting next to Mrs. Fitzpatrick’s former desk. 

He took a deep breath and stood up from his place. “Don’t you think it’s rather rude to just barge into rooms when you’re quite uninvited, Mister Winchester?”

"Where is Mrs. Fitzpatrick," I asked, a little too harshly. "And how did you know who I am?"

"Have some respect, young man. I am your teacher. Of course, God knows I have to memorize all your names before I meet you. And your faces too." he stared at me, almost as if he was trying to read something out of me. 

I cleared my throat and he averted his eyes away from staring at me. “Where is Mrs. Fitzpatrick?” I asked again, more firmly this time around.

"Well Nora decided to rest for a little while. She’s getting old. She couldn’t handle any more of the pressure." 

"Well then, why didn’t she tell me?"

"Why would she? Are you someone important Mister Winchester? Do you think that you’re worth a lot more than anybody else trying to live out there? No. You are just an ordinary student, you are just like everybody else in this world, who tries to survive every single day and Nora doesn’t have to let you know her every day schedule, Mister Winchester." 

I swallowed the lump growing in my throat. This Castiel guy intimidates me. “Castiel, I mean. mister Novak, I hope you could just understand that Mrs. Fitzpatrick was like a mother to me. Now please Sir Novak, would you mind telling me where she is?” 

"Central Cemetery." He muttered. 

I Raised both my eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

He sat back down on his chair and sipped from his coffee mug. “She’s gone, Dean.” 

"What do you mean she’s gone?" I felt like a peg was struck through my entire body. 

Mister Novak stood up and placed his hand on my shoulder, patting it gently. “She’s dead, Dean. You can’t make her come back.” 

"How," I sighed, forcing the tears to go back. "How did she die?"

"Stroke." he replied flatly. 

By this time, I was far too pissed off to stop myself from pinning this guy to the wall. “You listen to me Novak; No one disrespects Mrs. Fitzpatrick in that way. You act like you don’t even care about her dying, you selfish, cold hearted bitch.” 

I let him go and as I was about to storm off the room, this time, I find myself being the person being pinned to a wall. “No, you listen, Winchester. You respect me, you little fucker. If you think you could fool and scare the other staff and faculty, well you can’t fool nor scare me you little bastard. And for begginers, I’m  guy. Can’t call a guy a bitch, asshole.” 

I pushed him off me, trying not to make too much noise. “Get off me. Don’t call me a bastard. I’m pushing everybody around ‘cause I don’t want to be pushed around. How about try to respect, and you’ll get some respect?” I walked out of his room and slammed the door. 

“Whoa, whoa, whoa Dean, calm down. What the hell is going on?” Ruth Ana, my girlfriend asked as she pulled her blonde locks into a messy bun. 

“Nothing’s wrong babe. I just went in and had a nice conversation with our new history professor, Sir Novak.” I put an arm around her shoulder and smiled. 

“Yes, sure, nothing’s wrong Dean, you big liar.” Sam said as he walked towards both of us with his girlfriend, Jess. 

“Girl, you look more fab with your hair down.” Jess told Ruth Ana. 

“Oh. I’m just going to put my hair down then.” As Ruth Ana was about to pull out her hair tie, I caught both her hands. 

“I like you with your hair up,” I smiled “You look more, simpler. You look so much more…” I took in a deep breath and smiled at the ground. “You look more you.” 

“Whoa, who are you? And what did you do to Dean Winchester?” Sam joked.

“Shut up Samuel Adams.”

“Oh Kay then, dad. No need to threaten my boyfriend.”

“Hey, speaking of dads, my dad just got a job as a teacher here.” 

“What, really Sam? Didn’t know your family was the smart type.”

“Yea. Real funny guy who got an F. My dad’s Castiel Novak.” 

When I was just a little girl, I loved to play with Barbie dolls, eat a lot of sweet candies, and simple things used to make me the happiest child alive. But as soon as I grew up, things changed. Now that I’m a lady, boys played with my heart, candies are a no-no because they contain a lot of sugar that can make me fatter and nowadays, people tell me that they rarely see a real smile on my face. Sometimes, I simply try my best to stay strong and do what I want, do my passion; which is singing and dancing.

A couple of weeks ago, I used to think that guys were total douche bags that cared for no one else but themselves. I used to think all they do is makes girls cry and break women’s hearts. But that all changed when somebody came into my life and fixed every single flaw I had.  He changed me for the better. I wouldn’t want to mention his name, even though he’s not here. All I want to say is that, he’s my everything. He’s more than I asked for. No, he isn’t perfect, nobody is. He’s just always there when I needed him; always ready to help. I’ll always love him no matter what happens. He’s my best friend. Forever.

I used to be the girl who has been bullied by mostly everyone around me. But I didn’t back down. I believed in what Samuel Johnson (from 1954) has said; “To strive with difficulties and to conquer them is the highest human felicity.” That single line has changed my entire perspective. It has made me a lot stronger and it had made me believe in myself a whole lot more. I would like to thank the few people who have helped me go through every stage of my journey in life; my loving friends. I do believe that all of us here have friends. If you don’t, well you could always approach me. You could tell me all your problems and I’d try my best to give advice about it. I just don’t want anyone to go through the path I’ve walked on. And If you need a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to chit chat with, call me, I’ll always be there.

I’ve been told to be a good friend. I’d really, honestly take a bullet for someone I really love but not in the head, probably in the leg or something. Or I could just push or pull them away from the aim so no one gets harmed. Anyways, I just want you, people to know…Congratulations for making it through your hardships in life and even if I don’t know you or you don’t know me, I still love you all. I will always be a true friend and care about you. 

'When you see my cuts, you don't have to react about them. All you need to do is shut up and try to analyze what made me do it. 'Cause you can't tell me to just stop and expect me to do what you've just told me. You also can't just spit on my face that I'm an attention seeker. Who wanted you to see those scars and cuts anyways? I didn't plan on you seeing then did I? And if I was trying to seek attention, why do I still need to barricade myself in my room just to cut and cry all night and why do I try to hard to hide them by wearing my long sleeves? I don't want your attention. I never asked for it. All I ever wanted was for someone to be there for me. And was anyone ever there? No. Nobody was. So don't expect me to just smile and act like everything is all right when truthfully speaking, everything is out of place. You have no idea how hard it is to be me. How hard it is to continue breathing when all I want to do is kill myself. It's not your job to judge, so don't.'

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